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LMS is a new company formed by Barry Dean to sell and hire the unique range of Aero-Go products.
Vic Ashby and Barry Dean
Vic Ashby and Barry Dean

Aero-Go Air Bearings allow very heavy loads to be moved around on a thin film of air. Provided there is an ample air supply and a good condition floor then the Aero-Go system is the efficient way to move any heavy load.

The Aero-Go principle is clean and static free. It also allows smooth and easy movement in any direction.

Hopefully the web site will give you a flavour of how Aero-Go products work and some of the likely applications. You are very likely to have some questions. Please do not hesitate to e-mail or ring Load Moving Systems.

A no-obligation demonstration is available at a time and location to suit you.

Enjoy browsing and you will become aware of the load moving technique for the 21st Century!