Aero-JacksLoad Lifting Equipment

Specifically designed for industrial lifting or jacking applications, Aero-Jacks are built tough for continuous use in demanding rigging applications. Because Aero-Jacks are lightweight and portable, they are easy to handle, store, transport, and set up.
Aero Jacks
The Aero-Jack System is rugged, light weight, easy to use and transport.
The low profile of Aero-Jacks requires less than one inch (25mm) of insertion space and inflate to full height in just seconds.

Aero-Jacks in use
Aero-Jacks require just 25mm of insertion space.

Aero-Jacks, available in a variety of sizes with single jack capacity up to 73 tons, (66.2 Mtons) provide virtually limitless capacities.

Aero-Jacks Controller
Rugged controller precisely inflates/deflates Aero-Jacks.

Aero-Jack Systems include two Aero-Jacks, one hand held controller and three hoses with quick attach couplings.