Aero-Pallets Cost-Effective Solution For Moving Heavy Loads 

Aero-Pallet™ Systems are designed to allow one person to move heavy loads safely and efficiently.

The aluminium extrusion pallets utilise the efficiency of our proven Aero-Castors and air film technology to float the load over the surface on a micro-thin layer of air. With this simple Aero-Castors principle, one person can easily move several thousand pounds.

Many Manufacturing Applications.

Aluminium extrusion Aero-Pallets are perfect for moving heavy bulky loads such as paper rolls, steel drums or other concentrated loads in warehousing applications. Automatic flow control valves compensate for offset loads and irregularities in the operating surface.

Aero-Pallets are also ideal for transporting loads in clean-room environments, moving finished products to shipping and storage areas, precisely aligning machines over footings, moving modules, and rearranging entire production lines.

Aero-Pallets in use

Easy Manoeuvrability & Precise Alignment.

The film of air provides omnidirectional movement capability that allows exceptional manoeuvrability around sharp corners and within tight spaces. The low lift height of the Aero-Pallet makes it easy to move loads in areas restricted by ceiling and door heights.

A Better Way to Move Heavy Loads.

Utilising the Aero-Castors principle, an air film is created when compressed air is pumped into the circular Aero-Castor diaphragm and centre plenum chamber.

When the air pressure in the Aero-Castor exceeds the weight of the load, air slowly and evenly escapes between the flexible Aero-Castor diaphragm and the surface to create a thin, frictionless film of air .003 to .005 inches thick. The load is virtually floating over the surface.

Safety is Built In.

Aero-Pallet Systems are safe for your operators to use. The system can be used around volatile liquids and gases safely, and your shop personnel are working in a clean environment without the side-effects of internal combustion engine emissions.

Initial Investment is Less.
Operating and Maintenance Cost Are Less.

Aero-Pallet System can replace forklifts, cranes, pallet jacks and conveyors at a fraction of the cost. Pound for pound you can move loads less expensively compared to other load moving alternatives.

Aero-Pallet Systems work with standard shop air and there are no moving parts that require costly maintenance. Since Aero-Pallets float the load over the surface and the load weight is spread evenly, critical stress to the floor surface is virtually eliminated.