Aero-Planks Cost-Effective Solution For Moving Heavy Loads

Aero-Planks™ utilise the efficiency of fluid film technology to actually float heavy loads on a near-frictionless film of air. With Aero-Planks, one person can easily move thousands of pounds. Two or more planks are slid under loads for fast, cost efficient movement and positioning in a variety of applications.
By adding additional Aero-Planks, load size and weight can be virtually limitless.

Versatility and Efficiency

Aero Planks in use
Aero-Planks combine simplicity of operation with extreme versatility. Load movement is easy, exceptionally smooth, omnidirectional and can be performed anywhere in the work environment where there is adequate floor surface. Operation in tight spaces is a breeze. Aero-Plank Aero-Castors® distribute the load weight over a greater surface than with rollers or wheels, spreading any stress evenly on the floor. This eliminates damage to the floor and the need for expensive tracks, reinforced floors and building structures.
Aero-Go systems are more cost effective than traditional load movement methods. Your own personnel can quickly learn to utilise the system. Since there are no moving parts, maintenance costs stay low.
Aero-Planks in use

Unlimited Applications

Aero-Planks are designed specifically for applications where the load is long and narrow. They also excel in intermittent flow assembly lines and other station-to-station applications, and in situations where access is limited to only one side of the load. Aero-Planks make it easy to transport and position shipping containers, shelter modules, heavy machinery, machine tools, medical equipment, mainframe computers and other sensitive electrical equipment.