Hire Info Aero-Go Products For Hire

These are our current Core Products.They will cover the majority of load moving applications. We are constantly up dating our hire fleet so contact LOAD MOVING SYSTEMS if what you want is not listed. Delivery is available NATIONWIDE.

Load Module Systems

Model N° Capacity Load Modules Lift Height Module Size (LxWxH) Air Volume Req. Price/Week
4K 12NL 4,535kg 4 19mm 308 x 308 x 25mm 100 cfm £299
4K 15NL 7,708kg 4 22mm 381 x 381 x 48mm 100 cfm £299
6K 15NL 11,562kg 6 22mm 381 x 381 x 48mm 150 cfm £399
4K 21NL 12,700kg 4 29mm 537 x 537 x 51mm 85 cfm £449
6K 21NL 19,050g 6 29mm 537 x 537 x 51mm 128 cfm £499
4K 27NL 25,396kg 4 35mm 686 x 686 x 62mm 160 cfm £549
6K 27NL 38,094kg 6 35mm 686 x 686 x 62mm 240 cfm £649
For optimum ease of use we recommend you hire an Aero-Jack System with this equipment.
Other Load Module Systems available – ring or e-mail for information.

Aero-Jacks – Our Standard Product

Model N° N° of Jacks Capacity Thickness Lift Height Jack Size (LxWxH) Max BAR Inflation Time Price/Week
2IT10T-10TL 2 20,600kg 24mm 210mm 380 x 380 x 24mm 8 3 sec £249
Other Aero-Jack Systems available – Contact LMS for further information.